Meet our Account Executives

Ernie Bivona - specializes in Marketing, Chemical, Flavor, Fragrance and Food Ingredients
Slater Isenberg - specializes in Process and General Industrial Systems - Equipment - International
Gloria Vega - specializes in Raw Materials and Ingredients
Jeffery Krakower - specializes in Flavor and Fragrance Industry

Ernie Bivona, President - Raw Materials and Ingredients Team

Ernie Bivona, for twenty-seven plus years a key player in the chemical and consumer products industries, couples his thorough inside knowledge with a keen ability to recognize and recruit the industry’s top talent. He heads the Raw Materials and Ingredients Team. The RMI Team focuses on manufacturers and distributors of fine chemicals, raw materials and ingredients used by food, nutritional, supplement, personal care, household products and pharmaceutical manufacturers. He also does Medical Education.

Slater Isenberg - Process and General Industrial Systems - Capital Equipment - International Sales - Specialty Architects - Industrial Engineers

Slater Isenberg, a senior member of our office for the past twenty-seven years, specializes in recruiting business development/sales professionals and technical personnel for 1) architectural& engineering consulting firms and 2) for providers of capital equipment/systems to the chemical, cosmetic, dairy, food and pharmaceutical industries. He is widely known throughout his marketplace and is often invited to speak to client companies. Level of recruitment activity includes both managers and other professional candidates.

Gloria Vega - Raw Materials and Ingredients Team

Gloria Vega has over ten years of sales in the health care industry prior to joining Sales Consultants of MC. She specializes in identifying and recruiting high caliber sales and marketing professionals for the Raw Materials and Ingredients Team.

Jeffery Krakower - Flavor & Fragrance Industry

Jeffrey Krakower, over 20 years of operational experience in the flavor and fragrance industry with expertise in emulsions, extractions, liquid compounding, spray drying, dry blending, washed extracts and essential oils. He served as Vice President of Operations at Ungerer and Company with direct responsibilities for all facility operations including manufacturing, inventory management, shipping, receiving and warehousing.

Possesses a keen understanding of the business needs of corporations and the types of individuals needed for optimal staffing.

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